Thursday 24th September 2009

Focus RS To Enter MPG Marathon

Well at least it's kind of like a rally. Sort of...

Driver Jeremy Walton and codriver Alyson Marlow
Driver Jeremy Walton and codriver Alyson Marlow
Proving that even big corporations can have a wry sense of humour, Ford is entering a Focus RS into a national 'MPG marathon' next week.

Setting an ambitious target of a 35mpg average, Ford says it aims to prove that modern performance cars can be friendly to your pockets, too. Of course, if it happened to be friendly to Ford's own pockets by helping them shift a few more Focuses (Foci?), that'd be okay too...

The marathon is the seventh in the UK since 2000, and this year it will cover a pre-set 360-mile route comprised of 2 loops either side of Coventry. Naturally, some delicacy will be required in the driver's right foot - the official combined figure for the car is 30.1 mpg - and since Ford have roped in a motoring hack to do the driving, this may prove a challenge indeed!

We reckon they're certainly in with a chance. The RS that PH took to Le Mans mostly hovered around the 24-25mpg mark, and that was with occasionally 'enthusiastic' piloting. Weirdly, that sort of figure would actually have been a good run in our much-loved long-term Focus ST, which scarcely topped 20mpg during its tenure with us. So maybe a Focus RS isn't such an eccentric choice after all...

The Marathon is being held over 2 days on September 30th and October 1st. Read more about the event at

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