Monday 12th October 2009

An Electric TVR From Holland? For Sure...

Dutch student unveils fuel cell TVR Artemis design proposal

A Dutch car design student has come up with his vision for the future of TVR - and that future is electric.

The Artemis concept is a graduation project by Niels van Roij, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Despite the moribund nature of the TVR brand, van Roij has been inspired by the firm's history, identity and design DNA.

"Artemis embodies everything TVR stands for: unique solutions and spectacular styling" says van Roij on his website. "Both interior and exterior shapes are based on an evolution of TVR DNA: elegant, feminine curves and clean surfaces."

We're not quite sure van Roij has quite got a handle on the heart of TVR, however. He describes his intriguing under-bonnet spoiler system as providing the "famous TVR handling". Really?

It gets worse, though - the Artemis is powered by four in-wheel electric motors powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The body certainly looks the part, though, and at least the "high tech engineering plastics" that would be used for the body and windows are a bit more up TVR's conceptual street.

The final hurdle over which van Roij stumbles is the car's name. Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt and fertility (both good), but also the goddess of forests, childbirth and virginity (all not quite so TVR).

Still, stick a big V8 or straight six in it and you could have quite a car...


Author: Riggers

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