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Friday 6th November 2009

Pic Of The Week: TVR-tastic

PH goes back to its roots with a quartet of Blackpool rockets

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Click here to preview
If you want to get hold of four TVRs for a magazine feature, there's only one place to look - PistonHeads.

That's exactly what Classic and Sports Car magazine did when they needed to find a quartet of Blackpool's finest for the cover story of their December 2009 issue. Where better to find them, after all, than on a site that started life 11 years ago as a destination for TVR enthusiasts?

C&SC's tribute to TVR's 1990s heyday features a Griffith 4.0, Griffith 500, a Cerbera 4.2 and a Chimaera 4.5, each the pride and joy of a doting PHer.

If you want to read more about C&SC's impressions of their time with the TVRs, you can pick up a copy of the magazine in any good newsagent - it went on sale yesterday.

They've also let us nick a couple of their pictures from the article, so we thought it was high time for a TVR-based pic of the week. We've even added in an extra thumbnail for you, because we're nice that way...

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Author: Riggers

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