Friday 13th November 2009

Pic Of The Week: BMW M635 CSi

Get hit for six by a rather lovely BMW

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We're fond of most BMWs here on PH, but we reserve a special affection for the E24 BMW 6-series. And the 282bhp M635 CSi is even closer to BMW perfection, we reckon.

So when PHer Nick Andrew's Red M635 CSi was brought to our attention, we just had to get it out there as a pic of the week, if only because we all wanted it as our wallpapers in the office...

Purists might question the non-standard wheels or the clear indicators, but this has still got to be one of the nicest 635s out there. And the PH smiley (buy yours now at the PH shop) just sets the whole ensemble off, don't you think?

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