Thursday 7th January 2010

GTO Badge Is Back With Ferrari 599

Roadgoing version of 599XX track toy to get 700bhp, £300k price tag

Track-only 599XX is basis for new car
Track-only 599XX is basis for new car
Ferrari is planning to 'Scuderia-ise' its 599 GTB hyper-GT with a hardcore version based on the track-only 599XX (pictured).

The new car could even bring back the fabled GTO moniker, a badge that hasn't been attached to a Ferrari since the mouthwatering, achingly desirable 1984 288 GTO.

According to the fine fellows at EVO magazine, the new 599 GTO will cost around £300k (a snip considering the 599XX costs a cool million quid), and could become one of the fastest Ferraris ever.

288 GTO was last Ferrari to bear the badge
288 GTO was last Ferrari to bear the badge
The 599 GTO should manage 0-62mph in just 3.2secs (half a second up on the regular car) on its way to a 217mph top speed (the standard 599 HGTE is done at 205mph). The extra pace comes courtesy of a V12 that's had an extra 600rpm liberated to allow it to run up to 9000rpm and gives it a whopping 700bhp.

Apparently, this has only been made possible since the debut of the 458 Italia, when the 599 was recategorised by Ferrari as a 'sports car' rather than a 'GT'. To be honest, though, we don't really care how or why it's happened, we're just glad that it has.

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