Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Geneva: Pagani targets ice cream market

Just one more very, very special one-off Zonda called the Tricolore

At last the Zonda for multi-millionaires who really wanted a small manoeuvrable jet. Officially, Pagani has built the £1,340,000 Tricolore to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the crack Italian air display team the 'Frecce Tricolori'.

It has a small, vertical fin on top of the engine cover and LED running lights at the front shaped to look like the tail fin of a plane. Our hunch is that when it comes to gelati, Horatio Pagani just can't make up his mind.

Pagani watch sir?
Pagani watch sir?
Perhaps a stereo instead?
Perhaps a stereo instead?
Author: Riggers

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