Wednesday 26th May 2010

Infiniti M and G To Share Platform With E-Class?

Mercedes and Renault-Nissan alliance could bear some strange fruit

The recently announced strategic and technical alliance between Renault-Nissan and Daimler has already borne plenty of rumour-fruit, but the latest whisperings are particularly interesting.

Japanese car magazine Best Car has reported that the replacements for the current Infiniti M saloon and G coupe will share a common platform architecture with the Mercedes E-class.

There's no official confirmation from Merc or Renault-Nissan, but it's a move that makes sense: Mercedes-Benz is already set donate four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines to Infiniti, so a broader platform-sharing strategy is a natural step forward from that.

So, what with this news and the possibility of some high-speed Infiniti models in the future, does that mean a twin-turbo Mercedes V8 could find its way into an Infiniti M or G? It certainly sounds like an intriguing prospect, albeit a bit far-fetched...

Author: Riggers

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