Tuesday 24th May 2011

PH Fleet Update: Infiniti G37 Coupe

A tale of two Golf Bags

The insistence of marketing types that a certain sort of car must be capable of carrying two sets of golf clubs is an oft-discussed point.

This has led to engineers and designers, we're told, being forced to enlarge the rumps of what would otherwise be svelte and sleek GT coupes. It's a fate that has apparently befallen the curvy coupes of many brands, from Audi and BMW to Jaguar and Mercedes.

I must confess that I thought that this was all so much tosh. Until I opened the boot of our long-term Infiniti the other day to discover a sticker diagram showing me exactly how I might be able to squeeze a pair of Golf bags into the boot of Yokohama's finest.

It's odd that I didn't notice it before, so prominent is its position on the underside of the opened bootlid, but I suppose that sometimes you can't see things that are right in front of your face. That it should have been placed there, however, leaves one in no doubt as to how important golf - and sharing the sport with another whilst minimising your carbon footprint - must be to the intended owners of this car.

The funny thing is, though, the very fact that Infiniti fears you need to be shown a diagram to get two golf bags in highlights another, perhaps more important, point - the shallow boot floor and oddly shaped aperture actually make the G37's luggage compartment moderately impractical. And that's despite the ample backside.

Fortunately the two rear seats are relatively spacious and easy to get to, so make a fine extra luggage space. If I were into golf I might even be able to fit another three bags in there...

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