Friday 11th November 2011

TVR: Back in business (there's even a website)

'Reborn' TVR does 'reborn' TVRs... if you see what we mean...

Some of Nikolai Smolenski's wilder ideas about the resurrection of TVR may not have come to fruition, but his plans to re-vivify existing models are now in full swing, and there's even a sparkly new TVR website to prove it. Complete with a new logo (all right, a rehashed version of the 1954 original, if we're being picky).

Just in case you missed our previous story on the subject, TVR will now source you a used TVR - anything from the 90s Griffith right up to the most recent Sagarises - overhaul and upgrade it (including upgraded brakes and an updated dash), and plonk in a 6.2-litre LS3 GM V8 and a 5-speed 'box, giving 430hp and 420lb ft.

Alternatively, existing owners can upgrade their cars to the same sort of spec. The big question is, of course, do we really want the old Rover V8s and AJP motors dumped in favour of Chevrolet lumps, however powerful they might be...?

And our most childish observation of the day? TVR's base camp, according to the new website, is in Braungasse, Vienna, which we believe translates as 'Brown Alley'. Snigger...

Author: Riggers

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