Friday 3rd August 2007

PH BMW meet 26th August- update

The first marque specific PH meet launches with BMW and M Power.

Bank Holidays can get a bit dull can't they? Well PH may have the solution to visiting DIY stores, family visits and being annoyed by bored children.

If you have a BMW of any age, type, two wheels or four, M powered, standard or modified you really should join us at Virginia Water on Sunday 26th August. Arriving at 11.30 we'll then go to the pub for lunch and then head back home at whatever time suits.

Sign up in the BMW forum, or on the PH calendar, and keep an eye out for other one marque meets soon.

Surrey Rolling Road have also offered us the opportunity to head down there after lunch for some dyno action, Charlie has offered us a special rate for the day of £40 per car- let me know if you would be up for that so we can get an idea of numbers. For info see

PH accepts no responsibility for lack of indicator use around the VW area on the day; you know what we BMW drivers are like!

Author: Garlick

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