Monday 4th February 2008

Nurburgring Theme Park

Legendary circuit to get its own amusement park

As much fun as a 911 round the 'Ring?
As much fun as a 911 round the 'Ring?
Germany’s Nurburgring has seen some quick metal in its time but soon all visitors will be able to crack 0-135mph in just 2.5 seconds.

According to reports the circuit is getting its very own theme park and the main attraction will be an insanely fast rollercoaster.

It is understood developers are looking at a piece of land next to the circuit to build the new attraction, which will also feature a new science centre and museum.

The rollercoaster is expected to be two seconds faster than an F1 car to reach 125mph and the track will stretch for 1.2km.

The attraction will be accelerated using compressed air, said the makers.

Plans are already underway for the new theme park, which it is hoped will bring more fans to the circuit each year.

Author: Oli S

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