Wednesday 19th March 2008

720bhp Avro Ford GT

Avro 720 Mirage limited to just 10 cars

Brooklands-based Avro Motor Cars has joined forces with Roush Technologies to create a strictly limited edition of the Ford GT called the Avro 720 Mirage.

Limited to just 10 cars this special edition GT is finished in metallic orange and has 720bhp.

The car is restricted to 220mph and has features such as a deleted rear bumper to save weight.

Central to the increased power is a larger – and polished – Whipple supercharger.  The induction side of the engine also includes an Accufab throttle body and inlet sleeve.  An Accufab X pipe exhaust system with ceramic-coated tips is also fitted.  Other engine equipment includes a Mafia MAF sensor adaptor and a transmission breather catch tank. 

The front and rear track is 5mm wider than the standard car. 

The front brakes use AP Racing 6-pot front callipers with Stillen drilled and slotted rotors – and similar rotors are used also at the rear. 

The suspension has been lowered by 25mm – and uprated to include KW’s Variant 3 fully adjustable coil-over system.

Avro Managing Director, Andy McGrath said: ‘When we created the highly successful Roush 600RE edition, we recognised the potential in the car to go a step further. 

‘The Ford GT is already a rare and sought after motorcar and simply identifying and locating more available untitled vehicles has been a significant challenge for us. 

‘The 720 Mirage is available exclusively from Avro – and once these cars are completed, we believe there will be no more. 

‘Examples of our 600RE edition are now located in several parts of the world – and we expect the market response to the 720 Mirage to be similarly international.’

Author: Oli S

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