Tuesday 13th July 2004

GT: Ultima aims for Podium

Team more confident than ever of impending glory

The Master Motosrsport Team is setting its sights on at least one podium finish in its Ultima at round five of the British GT Championship at Oulton Park this weekend.

Team Principle Jimmy Brady comments “It’s a common misconception that the Ultima is quick in a straight line, they forget that Stephen [Brady] has been driving the car for three years and Alan Bonner has done a fantastic job getting to grips with the six litre Chevy’ in such a short time. The truth is we are not quick enough in a straight line, both the Ferraris and the Porsches have shown much more speed and at ‘Combe the Mosler was back on top form.

"Where we are quicker than the others is the brake point to exit as we have something on our side the other teams don’t and that’s Ferodo brakes. I believe that’s what’s making the difference for us right now and long may it continue. The other teams use Brembo which s a very good product but the Ferodo allows extremely high friction levels and a flat friction curve, which means less heat in the braking system and discs.

"Stephen showed against the Ferrari’s and the Porsches that he could consistently out-brake them into the corners and Alan reeled in the Mosler at Castle Combe overtaking it twice on the brakes.

"We’ve recently overhauled the clutch and gearbox, we’ve worked extremely well with Ferodo and with their continued help I believe we’ll be on the podium at Oulton Park and that would be simply fantastic for everyone involved with the team”.


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