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The 981 Porsche Cayman GT4 set the bar for a mid-engined, non-supercar coupe so high that we wondered what Stuttgart could do to scale the heights when the 718’s turn came. Extra power was almost a given, especially with a new 4.0-litre flat-six due. But better handling for a more involving experience? That was a tall task when the starting point was so sublime. Yet here we are, graced with another GT4 and, for the first time, a near identical Boxster Spyder, using the same running gear under a soft top body.

The 9A2 Evo boxer unit, which trades the turbocharging of the 992’s block for a new adaptive cylinder control software, different injectors and a variable intake system, features in both. It delivers 420hp, an increase of 35hp on the old 3.8 GT4, at 7,600rpm and 310lb ft of torque from 5,000rpm, with the limiter set at 8,000rpm. Mated to a manual six-speed gearbox, it pushes the pairing from 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds - plenty quick enough for cars which are built to deliver an immersive handling experience.Β 

Key to the GT4’s track performance is its aerodynamic package. There’s a large fixed rear wing as before, which has been further developed for more downforce, but it’s the addition of a large rear diffuser that helps to suck the car closer to the ground without adding drag. The diffuser is also on the Spyder and there’s an extending spoiler to match, giving it a substantial advantage over its less focussed predecessor. But the GT4’s racier exterior and lighter bodyshell leaves it with the superior overall performance, as illustrated by its 7:28 Nurbugring lap time. That’s four seconds quicker than the Carrera GT, by the way.

Dan, the lucky git, got the chance to see if both cars lived up to their on-paper enhancements - starting at Knockhill circuit in the GT4 and finishing on the surrounding roads in the Spyder. Has Porsche improved on near perfection? Get clicking.


P.H. O'meter

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  • blue al 20 Jul 2019

    Video not working, although I've checked the change behind the sofa and it seems im still a few quid short, but it would still be nice to see what I cannot quite afford.

    "We're processing this video. Check back later."

    Edited by blue al on Saturday 20th July 09:38

  • Matt Bird 20 Jul 2019

    Sorry all for delay in getting video live! Should be running smoothly now.


  • SPYDER66 20 Jul 2019

    Dan great informative video
    ?said you would stick if you owned 981 GT4
    What would you do if you had 981 Spyder??

  • Davislove 20 Jul 2019

    That’s a great fascinating video from Dan, more of them please.

    Those ratios look like a deal breaker. Oh, and thanks to our ‘friends’ in the EU for those bloody filters! .....otherwise I’ll take the sypder please

  • Montaver 20 Jul 2019

    Great video Dan, really loving your work. Along with Henry Catchpole you guys do the best reviews out there.

    The US spec cars will be sans filter, very interesting to see how they sound. Removing that frustration your left with the gearing, I think Porsche do it intentionally so as not to step on the toes of the GT3. I watched another video with Andreas Pruninger(sp?) where he said a PDK version was coming, I suspect it will be mighty quick due to the increased flexibility.

    I was hoping this would depress 981 values so I could afford the original, but seems like a bit of a downgrade over the 981 when you factor in the sound.

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