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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Honda has pulled the cover off this rather impressive prototype. Containing Moto Riding Assist technology, this bike uses robotic technology from Honda's ASIMO robot and its UNI-CUB personal mobility device to self-balance.

But here is where it gets very clever. Rather than rely on a gyroscope to self-balance, when the bike is traveling at under three miles per hour the fork's angle is lowered to increase stability while simultaneously the bike makes tiny adjustments to the steering to balance itself. And it can do it all with or without a rider onboard, as the slightly disturbing video demonstrates!

"Since our founding, Honda has focused on creating technologies that help people," said Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, President and CEO of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. "Our goal is to showcase a future technology path that results in a redefined mobility experience."

Wouldn't you be tempted to shout 'walkies' and get the bike to follow you down the street just to freak people out?

Watch the video here.

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Comments (24) Join the discussion on the forum

  • sidesauce 06 Jan 2017

    Now that's impressive and I'm not even a biker!

  • SpudLink 06 Jan 2017

    Love the video. But not sure about the tech. Do you really want to ride a bike that is changing its geometry as you ride. I guess you'd get used to it. But I would find it very distracting.

  • rat840771 06 Jan 2017

    WTF - how on earth does it do that!

    that is amazing.

  • ikarl 06 Jan 2017

    Great for disabled bikers, but I'm unsure of any other practical uses....anyone got any ideas?

  • rxe 06 Jan 2017

    Hovering at traffic lights?

    I suppose the really interesting bit is whether it could stop bikers falling off - cars have had "fully nanny mode" for quite a while - this could possibly drive out out a "loss of grip situation" better than the some less experienced bikers. Not much it can do about the issue of getting whacked by a car.

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