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Wednesday 27th August 2008
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Dependant upon whom you speak to, there are differen't quantities/spec's of these cars about, so I thought it might be an idea to get a list together. Here are a few that I know of, any others or any other info, please feel free to add.

Unknown - Unknown colour - Tuscan R (no info on this car at all, anyone?)

PN02ZNG - Red - Tuscan R (development/prototype car)

.... and then stripped and painted in Dewalt Colours

PL03BXY - Dark colour - T440R (possibly wore the TVR 1 number plate also?)

LNT 3 - Grey - T440R (currently owned by a pistonheads member I believe)

PN06EHT - Dark colour/poss Reflex - Typhon (Nic's old car, owned by pistonheads member)

TYP110N - Reflex Charcoal - Typhon (owned by pistonheads member)

Unknown - Orange - Typhon (Nic's recently completed car)

Race spec - Synergy - T440R (2004 LeMans car)

Race spec - Dewalt - T440R (2005/2006 LeMans car - is it a repaint of the Synergy car?)

Hopefully, no one is upset by any pictures posted or number plates, etc, but if you are and any copyright has been breached, then let me know and I'll get them removed.


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Thursday 28th August 2008
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The purple Synergy cars (there are two) are owned by Lawrence Tomlinson/LNT and are in storage. The Peninsular car is/was owned by Chad and was for sale in January (it was on display on Chad's stand at Autosport) - not sure if it has now been sold.

The Eclipse T400 is now owned by Anthony Rogers and is being run for him by Eclipse - was supposed to run in Britcar this year but has not appeared other than as a non runner at the media day. Not sure what happened to the old CDL T400


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Monday 27th October 2008
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The Synergy cars look different to the others, seem to have a wider racing wings?


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Wednesday 10th December 2008
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IIRC the two synergy cars weren't they originally built by bert taylor and Chamberlain did have wider bodies. They first ran at Sebring..I have some pics somewhere I'll did them out.. these cars were also run at Lemans by chamberlain/synergy.

LNT also had at least one other car that was a later narrow bodied car I first saw that testing at pembrey.. so Lawrence must have had at least 3 race Cars I thought he had 4 at one point

(didnt Lawrence start our with RSR and their two orange cars - that became the orange and purple ones?


anyone know what happened to the original rollcenter car?

note the faired in headlights,and it had much nicer rear lights as well

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Wednesday 18th November 2009
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There's a TVR racer at the Ginetta factory. I don't know whether it's a T400 or T440, but here's some pics:



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Thursday 28th January 2010
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Have you got the one stil listed at Racing Green for sale?



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Sunday 16th May 2010
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PN02ZNG - Red - Tuscan R (development/prototype car)

Wasn't that the one used in one of Clarksons DVD's?


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Saturday 20th August 2011
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Guys goto Str8six web site........ enjoy........


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Wednesday 15th February 2012
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Any ideas of the car at str8 six ever sold or was it taken back by the owner?

great article on Laurence Tomlinson in this months sprint which discusses a lot of the history of the T4 cars


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Wednesday 15th February 2012
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Not sold.


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Saturday 19th May 2012
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I saw the T440r today! I have wanted to see this car for years smile


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Saturday 19th May 2012
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looks like Aberdeen??


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Sunday 20th May 2012
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Yep smile