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Roof clips???



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Saturday 6th October 2012
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On mine it takes a great deal of pressure to lock up the hood support struts and the roof panels are forced in very tightly. The car has been up to 120mph (private road of course), at that speed the roof didnt show any signs of moving....which is more than could be said for a few other bits, quite scary really. If however you found that the 'lock up' didnt need much pressure then I would be looking to find out why. Get the primary system right before worrying about the clip.


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Saturday 6th October 2012
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Totally agree. I personally don't see any benefit in having the roof clips. My roof struts are tight, so the roof panels are held in place firmly.

Also, from a security point of view, they serve no purpose,as rear roof section can be collapsed with roof clips in place.

Had to proof read this twice due to spelling/typo errors. Alcohol must be kicking in!!


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Sunday 7th October 2012
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I can confirm that the plastic clips provided by RS components DO come with the small plastic 'wedge' to e be attached to the windscreen frame and allow the clip to be levered/secured in place. All you should need to provide is the screws of your choice.