RE: LOG 27 has lots planned for you and yours

RE: LOG 27 has lots planned for you and yours

Tuesday 12th December 2006

US Lotus fans prep annual meet

LOG 27 has lots planned for you and yours

Photo by Coterie Press
Photo by Coterie Press
North America's largest Lotus car club, LOG 27, is providing advance notice of its annual gathering.

LOG 27 will be held 24-27 August 2007 in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, USA. Lotus owners from around the world are already planning to gather at the Silvertree Hotel for four days of the premiere Lotus event in the Snowmass ski slopes.

The theme for this year's event: "Celebrating the Spirit of Colin Chapman" recognises the founder's principles in the DNA that follows to this day in every Lotus, from the Mark I to the newest Elise and Exige models.ย 

Media chairman Lew Gaskell said attendees could "expect this Lotus Owner's Gathering to be another very exciting and memorable one. We plan on welcoming Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus as a special guest of Lotus.ย  We look forward to him bringing more exciting news about upcoming new cars from Lotus, including the much-anticipated new Lotus supercar, the Esprit, and more. LOG has proven to be a favourite location for Lotus to preview new models for the loyal owners."

Gaskell said: "In recognition of Lotus racing history, we anticipate reuniting Emerson Fittipaldi with his Lotus 72 JPS World Championship car and his mechanic Bob Dance along with current Classic Team Lotus head, Clive Chapman. We also will have a special message delivered to the LOG by Hazel Chapman in celebrating the 35th anniversary of that Championship season and a special performance of "Working All Nighter" as performed by the 1972 team mechanics. Additional special Lotus anniversary cars such as the Seven and Elite, which were introduced 50 years ago, the Elan and Elan plus Two, will also be celebrated along with more recent Lotus race champions like the 1992 World Challenge winning x180R.

"TV personality ( Alain de Cadenet and guest speakers take the stage to give us a glimpse into the mind and character of Colin Chapman. While most known for his "Design by Victory" shows, Alain is an accomplished builder and driver of numerous cars and titles."

Sunday's activities feature an autocross, a local road rally and an evening banquet. Monday will be a exciting track experience at historic Woody Creek Raceway, a mere few miles from the hotel.

Gaskell said: "Come for the LOG and stay for the memorable family vacation at special LOG lodging rates from $95.00 per night. The special rates are good for as long as you want to stay before or after the LOG. We have lots of activities planned for family member that may not be as car crazy as we are, so they can be doing memorable things while we play with our Lotuses.

"Plan on attending whether or not you are bringing your Lotus. Exotic Car Transport is able to provide a very attractive rate for those who want to have the fun at Aspen, without fighting the trip from home to the LOG. Estimated cost is US$1,500 with some size and location restrictions. You'll regret not bringing your car, I can guarantee that. The Aspen airport is only seven miles from the LOG hotel.

"If you want to get the flavour of what to expect, go to and view the video. Check the site often to see the most up to date information."



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They shouldn't have added that video.... makes me long for the summerdays banghead


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That car and that road in the background. I'm so glad I'm stuck at work.