London drivers - Car washing advice

London drivers - Car washing advice



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Friday 16th April
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Just wondering if any drivers based in the London area could give me advice on where to go for a hand wash, preferable using the two bucket method?

Doing it myself is not an options with where I live.

I drive a black car and was told to avoid any automatic car washes and they can cause little swirls which can show up a lot on black paint.

I'd be looking for somewhere around North or West London.

Thanks in advance.


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Friday 16th April
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Do you have access to a friend’s or parents driveway? If so a Worx cordless washer and two buckets will do the job.


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Thursday 22nd April
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Posh Wash actually do a decent job for a hand wash but they're open at stupid hours if you actually have to work for a living.

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Wednesday 5th May
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I had the same query as I'm Aussie so have no idea where to go to wash my car. I ended up getting an 8L weed killer spray bottle, couple of buckets, pack of micro fibre and cleaning solutions as I don't have access to a hose or pressure washer. The weed killer spray bottle actually does a fine job to spray down the car. Otherwise some of the larger service stations should have DIY high pressure washing services, i.e. Tesco superstore Brent Cross.

Keen to see others input though!