Spotted cars in south coast region [vol. 2]

Spotted cars in south coast region [vol. 2]



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Monday 8th July
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Saw an 09 plate silver C Class estate in Blandford this weekend, sporting a smiley on the back.


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Sunday 21st July
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A PH stickered e34 535i in Southampton.



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Monday 29th July
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Spotted a red Skoda with a rather large PH sticker on the rear, I was in the red RCF with a smaller sticker.


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Wednesday 14th August
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Blue Volvo estate with a small smiley on the boot, parked outside a house on the road between m27 J7 and Bitterne.


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Friday 16th August
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If anyone sees this... give me a beep. Have to arrange a large get together


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Monday 19th August
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Two newish McLaren's traveling in convey at Badbury Rings earlier. It's going to be hell this week around North Dorset with that god awful Steam Fair.


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Tuesday 3rd September
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Black MK4 Golf with a smiley in the window in HMS Nelson today.


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Saturday 7th September
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Two unusual spots today. A blue Renault GTA Turbo in Corfe Mullen and a silver gullwing Mercedes Benz 300SL by Fleetsbridge roundabout.


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Saturday 14th September
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Who was the cyclist wearing a natty PH outfit in Highcliffe yesteday?