Thought it might be easier if all Wedgers to put what they think is the right part number down for all different parts of the car to help each other out. [Add as many as you want].
PS - I've collected a few part numbers for the 350 S2 Wedge from various sources [website,manuals and friends]before getting a 390. You would still need to double check just in case.

Also see here: Registration Numbers to quote to Motor Factors

Parts fitting all cars
metal window channel - MTC8477
Window Channel rubber - IRS 0915
Rear Wheel Bearings Thread

Ethanol Tolerant Fuel Hose - use 7840 marine hose, it is suitable for both diesel and petrol, it is dated on the outer layer so you can tell instantly when it was made, comes in many sizes, it is 30 minute fire proof and has a more than adequate burst pressure nothing else is better, usa coast gaurd insist on it use in all there boats as does the IWA and MSA. -Engineer1949

TVR 280I

Injection system appears to be Granada sourced rather than Capri, although differences are tiny, apart from bigger air filter on Granada.
Air intake filter & assembly is Granada 2.8i on mine - Capri one is very slim by comparison.

Spark Plugs - Ford capri MK3 2.8i - BP6ES (N7YC Champion ?)
Coil - Ford capri MK3 Intermotor - INT11400
Distributor Cap - Ford capri MK3 2.8i (Bosch type) Intermotor part - INT44010
Some have the Ford dizzy (Blue Cap, 'J' type) - MOTORCRAFT EDH 109
Rotor Arm - Ford capri MK3 2.8i Intermotor -INT48790S
Spark Plug Leads - Ford capri MK3 2.8i Duratec - DIL618
Thermostat - Ford capri MK3 2.8i - FCT6106381 (also Granada 2.3/2.8, Cortina 2.3)
Water pump - Ford capri MK3 - FCWP4
- also 2.3 Cortina/Granny GCP2101 - plain shank (no viscous fan)
Fuel filter - Ford capri MK3 2.8i - WK618 (also Champion L203 ?)
Oil filter - large one is C102, Z89A, slimmer one from XR4i is C107, Z71 which is easier to fit. Also Mann W 914/2
O2 Sensor, USA Spec 280i - Bosch Part# 11027, single wire sensor

Fuel pump - Ford capri MK3 2.8i - 0580254910, Granada one works too.
Fuel Injectors - BOSCH 0-437-502-019
Power Steering rack - Cortina MK5
PAS pump - Ford capri MK3 N/S mounting..Maestro/montego O/S fitting.
Track rod ends - Cortina MK4-5 - Granada MK2 - Equivalent to Ford Part Number 5021411
Steering UJ's - David gerald - OD measurements of the top and bottom column's and length of old UJ needed.
Trailing Arm Mount/Bush & Pins - ML performance or RT racing. Bush commmon with Lotus A046D6000F.
Diff hanger bush A046D6000F.
Rear brake flexi hose (top of diff) - 152mm long with 3/8" UNF male ends as used on Mini, Imp etc. - VBH374, LH5146, HH211, GBH250, BFH4198
Rear wheel bearings - Granada MK2 but with an extra seal - QWB140C
Front wheel bearing kit - Granada Mk2 - QWB416
Upper & Lower ball joints- Cortina MK4-5 QH QSJ 663, FIRST LINE FBJ 5025, MOTAQUIP VSJ 355, SWAG 50 78 0006, MOOG FD-BJ-4121, SIDEM 1582, LEMFORDER 038716221
Brake master cylinder - Ford cortina MK4-5 (3 Pipe type) PMF226 ?? 20.6 mm Girling BMC4259
Payen Head gasket set - DL401
Rocker cover grommet/PCV valve grommet.3/4" ID x 1" OD Part number R9760
Steering Column is TR7 left hand drive on early Tasmins.
Seal - Boot edge seal ETS619 from
Front brake pads - Mintex MGB633 (fitting kit MBA960

4 speed gearbox is 2.8i Capri and probably 3.0 Granny/Capri (different bellhousing)
5 speed gearbox is 2.8i Capri, but 2.3 Granada fits, has slightly different gear ratios.

Clutch cable is early 2.3 mk4 Cortina with top insulator bush cut off (for setup where pedal pushes the outer cable) QH number GCC 1207
Bonnet catch - Ford Fiesta Mk 1 - Ford part number 77FB-16700AF
Gates Alternator belt 6267MC, these vary in length depending on set up...width should always be 10mm.

TVR 350i S2
afm plug 7 way ebay Fiat Lancia Ford
( 111145612514 )
Air filter - K&N E2029…K&N E-2350 Air Filter Or..
Airflow meter -- XMB2046 - RAmp Fiat Lancia Ford
( 111145612514 )over SD1 Vitesse.
Alternator drive belt -- QBA1125 -- 1125MM long V belt.
Alternator drive belt -- QBA1138 Quinton Hazell -- 1138MM even longer.
Alternator (no aircon) -- "Left Hand" style alternator -- Lucas A133 (original) or A127 or LRA517
Brake light switch --TM0325.
Coil -- unipart - GCL143 - Rover.
Coolant Temp Sensor (ECU sender) ERR2081 (as per LR TD5 - same fitting and same electrically)
Distributor - Lucas - 41935A.
Dist cap -- Lucas - GDC117 - Rover.
Expansion tank - Ford - 6061947 - MK2 Granada.
Fuel filter -- Fram - G3829... Or Classic Range Rover post filter Part number: STC 1677
Handbrake cable -- 025J 030A from
Head gasket set [standard] - Unipart - GUG1066HS - Rover.
Ignition module - Lucas - DAB135.
Oil filter - Unipart - GFE295 or FRAM PH2821A.
Oil pressure switch - Unipart - GPS123.
- Intermotor - 50510 -Landrover 3.5l.
PAS Pump - ERC 6969 - £90 inc vat and delivery
Radiators hoses - GRH537 and GRH 600..Looks to be most of whats needed.
Reverse light switch - Rimmer - TKC6761 - SD1.
Rotor arm - Lucas - DRB195C
Seal - Boot edge seal ETS619 from
Spark Plugs - B7ECS...BPR6ES..BPR6EIX iridium ..5 can be too hot & 7 too cold, 6 is in the middle.
Speedo cable - Unipart - GSD380.
Starter motor - Lucas - 3M100.
Steering column cowling, upper, if Granada switchgear (only the late ones): Ford part number 85GB-3530-AA
Steering column cowling, lower, if Granada switchgear (only the late ones): Ford part number 85GB-3533-AA
Steering module..(Red)"Pektron"...
Sump gasket set - Unipart - GUG1538CS - Rover.
Sump plug washer - Unipart - 213961A - Rover.
Clutch master cylinder -- Unipart - GMC1015 - Rover.
Alternative clutch master -- Bearmach BR3018. You will need a pipe adapter - or change the top end of the pipe to a smaller fitting. And re-use the pushrod from the old one - takes about 5 mins to swap over - because it's a different thread.
Drive shaft u/j - Hardy spicer
HS163 23.8 x 61.30 - heavy duty, with grease nipple. - Quinton Hazel - QL2104.
HS166 27.0 x 81.80
HS179 30.2 x 106.33 - or GKN18200 - Uprated (large) version with g/nipple.
Lower ball joint - Ford - 1613139 - MK IV Ford Cortina.
Rear wheel bearing - SKF - VKBA624 - MK 2 Granada.
Steering rack - Unipart - GSR631E - MK IV Cortina.
Steering rack gaitor - Unipart - GRG210 - MK IV Cortina.
Track rod ends - Unipart - GSJ119 - MK IV Granada.
- Quinton Hazel - QHNQR1384S.
Rear brake flexi hose (top of diff) - 152mm long with 3/8" UNF male ends as used on Mini, Imp etc. - VBH374, LH5146, HH211, GBH250, BFH4198
Upper ball joint - Unipart - GSJ122.
VDO Water Temperature Sender 5/8 UNF Thread..
Water pump-- unipart GWP2149 -- GWP204 (Triumph TR8)
pump gasket -- unipart 610756
Fan Belt -- Trupart TFB 975-10 [975mm long, v,belt x 10mm wide]
or Fan Belt GCB11125 which is 1125 x 10mm
power s/belt - Gates 6468mc, Aux13 x 950. Check as some use AVX 13 x 864 (1988 350i)
Alternator belt - Gates 6207mc.
thermostat 82 degrees C GTS104
thermostat housing gasket GTG125
Heater/ water pump return hose ERC2279
Top hose (rad to swan neck) "Land Rover Defender 2.5 P & D bottom hose rad" NRC4844
Bonnet catch - Ford Fiesta Mk 1 - Ford part number 77FB-16700AF


Rear Brake Calipers [390SE]S2 -- DC71649 and DC71648. Also CA4 and CA4R.
Track Rod Ends [390SE]S2 -- Ford Cortina MK5, 2LTR, 2.3LTR.
Rear brake flexi hose (top of diff) - 152mm long with 3/8" UNF male ends as used on Mini, Imp etc. - VBH374, LH5146, HH211, GBH250, BFH4198


Rear Brake Pads [400SE] -- JAGUAR/XJS/3.6/83-92 DP3101C (Red Stuff)
Hand Brake Pads [400SE] -- JAGUAR/XJS DP709
LH Rear Brake Caliper [400SE] -- Jaguar XJS TCA005 Brake Caliper
RH Rear Brake Caliper [400SE] -- Jaguar XJS TCA006 Brake Caliper
Drive shaft u/j - Hardy spicer - HS179 - or GKN18200 - version with g/nipple.