Audi specialist in Norwich

Audi specialist in Norwich



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Tuesday 31st October 2017
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The air suspension on the back of my q7 has decided to raise itself up to the max and won't go down. So if you see a q7 looking very nose heavy driving around Norwich, that'll be me!! Can anyone recommend me a good Audi specialist in Norwich that could sort this, google has brought up a couple, but always like to get a recommendation.


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Sunday 26th November 2017
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Going by your date of posting, I suspect I'm too late to recommend. However, Yelverton Garage are the often-mentioned Audi Specialists around Norwich.
Unfortunately it's not the personal experience recommendation but worth a mention smile


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Saturday 9th December 2017
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2nd vote for Yelverton. Have done loads of work on my Mk1 Golf in the past but also on BIL & FIL's Audi's and VW's at various stages.