PHEA TRACK: Snetterton Track Event - Monday 16th July

PHEA TRACK: Snetterton Track Event - Monday 16th July



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Wednesday 13th June
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Good afternoon everyone.

Hot on the heels of my notifications for our Next SSM and the PHEA Summer Run, I am pleased to announce the return of our annual PHEA Track Event, which this year is on Monday 16th July.

Part of an MSV Track day under their "General Track Day" format, we like to arrange something a little extra special for the PHEA members.

Details for the precise MSV Track Day Event can be FOUND HERE.
Signing on for these Events usually begins around 7:30am with a driver's briefing 8:30. Please remember to get get your car noise tested on arrival smile

The standard price is £169. However, PHEA's very own fasteddys has been able to organise a 10% Discount for PHEA Members making it just £152.10, subject to obtaining enough fellow members to join us. We have easily achieved this in previous years, so hopefully we can do it again smile
To get this discount you MUST contact fasteddys before booking to obtain the special code. You can do this by messaging him via his PH Profile HERE.

Not only has fasteddy organised this discount, he has also secured Exclusive Use of the Archie Scott Brown Facility/Scrutineering Bays for PHEA - this is situated at the far end of the pit lane.
This gives us private undercover space for cars and storage of tools, wheels, fuel, etc.
We will also supply some snacks and drinks in the private lounge and kitchen facilities at our expense. There are also private toilets in this building.
All this makes for a special Track Day experience with a VIP atmosphere.

The daytime track day will end at 17.00.

Should anyone wish to come along to spectate, you are more than welcome to drop by thumbup

Remember, you MUST contact fasteddys to find out how to get the 10% Discount to join the PHEA group for another superb day on the Snetterton Circuit. Once you've done this, you can book using the telephone number at the top of the aforementioned MSV Page

So if you fancy attending a well-priced track day with PHEA, please join us for another TRACK Event!

Once booked, simply pop your name down on here or message me to let us know all know you're coming along driving

We hope to see you there!



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Thursday 14th June
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Will come along and spectate for some of day

Wicker Man

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Friday 15th June
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Booked ! driving

Steve Medlen - MG ZR 161

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Friday 15th June
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Jamie Booked on today
Dust off the MX-5 or bring the wifes Focus