This is why we cant have nice things!

This is why we cant have nice things!



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Thursday 2nd August
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Another car meet bites the dust (Hopefully not for good)

A real decent local meet has had to cancel its future meets due to the minority ruining it for the majority.

This meet had a real good vibe about it and a real good variety of cars.

I get it, Wheel spinning, burns outs etc. in front of a crowd is hugely tempting! But on a public road near houses is always going to be frowned upon.

Just a bit gutted, anyone have any ideas of how to have a meet and control s**te like this? Location with private tarmac for people to light up? The organizers of the above meet have suggested a private/paid only members meet?


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Friday 3rd August
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We talking about the Appreciating Classics meets in Thurton?

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Saturday 4th August
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hoodedreeper said:
We talking about the Appreciating Classics meets in Thurton?
If so, there's always one... rolleyes

It's the same old every time. What starts out fine expands via social media and it gets ruined by idiots.
The only way to control it is for the organisers to police it themselves before the real police get involved.
It just needs the organisers to accept responsibility and get a grip. It's not easy but it can be done.

If they don't, it can lead to the local authority imposing a Public Space Protection Order.
There is an increasing trend in that direction. Scarborough for example is seeking such powers.
Because of censored like these -
One guy took it to such an extreme level that he copped a two year suspended jail sentence.

DoctorJ said:
The organizers of the above meet have suggested a private/paid only members meet?
That would probably work. Anyone new wanting to join would have to be vouched for by an existing member.
Any indiscipline = instant expulsion. No second chance. Introducing member gets a yellow card..
A second yellow and they are out as well.

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Saturday 11th August
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hoodedreeper said:
We talking about the Appreciating Classics meets in Thurton?
I'm guessing the answer is yes

I've been planning on getting to one of these meets this years but work and other commitments have never worked out right

Hopefully they will find a way forward

Appreciating Classics

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Wednesday 22nd August
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Hi Guys,

I do not get on here as much as i would like.

Yes sadly the meets are no more......
What started out as 20 people in the pub car park when we started, soon gained in numbers.

The idea of setting up the meets, was to enjoy an evening with friends and like minded people, last month was our 16th meet spread over a few years.

Lasst year we had a few people getting 'excited' when they left, even after me standing and asking every single person to leave sensibly.
I decided to name and shame, through way of banning a few people, posting a picture of the said vehicle.
Also handed out warnings to a few others - this seemed to do the trick.

This year, we had people doing it on the first meet of the year, so same again, we banned a couple of people.
However, they still decided to turn up, park up the road, then make a huge scene when they left.

We have an issue with people standing out on the pavement filming, which legally we cannot stop them doing.
However, the parish council are on side and want to help the events continue, as it is good for the pub, and all the money goes toward the development of the playground project for the village.

We are currently in talks with the council, and the pub, to see what can be done to have these events continue in 2019

I notice the comment that the organisers need to 'get a grip'.....

It costs us money to stage the meet - we take no money - it goes to charity and it takes a full day of our business time, plus all evening.
For police to attend, it would cost us money, and to have more people 'help' us then it would cost us money.

The whole point of doing the meets was to bring people together, and to enjoy the evening with them - if people want to exploit that then it is pointless doing the meets for us.

We cannot legally tell people to leave the public footpath who are filming, as they are technically breaking no laws and the property is public.

We cannot stop people from coming along who have been 'banned' and park up the road, only to make a scene when they leave.

With all of this taken in to account, and after some conversations, we have come up with a few ideas, roping off the fence where people stand to watch cars leaving, and we are considering a membership.
This would create some serious admin for ourselves, but with a membership this time can be covered, and it means that it is a members only meeting - we can make the event 'private' on social media so we do not get the people arriving who cause the problem, and as has been mentioned, any members behaving badly can be revoked easily.

Sorry for waffling on... been a long day at the office smile



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Wednesday 22nd August
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Hope you get things sorted for next year. I have nearly joined you a few times but trailering a car down is a bit of a faf.