PHEA Eurotrip: Nürburgring Adventure - 18th-21st May

PHEA Eurotrip: Nürburgring Adventure - 18th-21st May



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Saturday 13th April
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Hello everyone,

I'm pleased announce a Brand NEW Event for 2019 where we're taking PHEA to the international stage bounce
That's right, we're heading abroad to the famous Nürburgring! driving

I am booked onto a Destination Nürburgring Trackday on Monday 20th May, so I thought this to be the perfect opportunity to open up the touring side of the trip to anyone who has always fancied heading out to this famous automotive area.
We can explore the area, visit the famous Nürburgring Castle, sample the infamous Pistenklause restaurant and perhaps drive the 13 mile circuit during the Tourist Driving Session, or Touristenfahrten, on the Monday evening.
So if you've wanted to go but have had concerns over how it all might work or going it alone, then I hope this offers the perfect excuse for you to visit smile

The plan is to depart on Saturday 18th May, spend the day in the Nürburgring area on the Sunday, with Monday evening giving you the option to head out on the famous track before we return together on the Tuesday 21st May, reaching the UK early evening.
Unfortunately Monday's trackday is a private, pre-booked Event for those with Nürburgring experience, however there is plenty to keep the petrolhead entertained, with the possibility of you hopping in for a passenger lap subject to passenger sign on & payment and helmet availability smile

I will be taking an early afternoon Channel Tunnel Train and going a general direct route, stopping only for fuel.
The idea would be to get as many of you who are interested in joining together for the drive over, meeting either en route to, or at, the Folkestone Eurotunnel Terminal.
I plan to have an interesting driving route for the return journey.

Once I have booked my Chunnel train and hotel, I'll let you know so you can go ahead and personally book the same trains and either the same guesthouse or one nearby.
Obviously this is something brand new for us all, and there will be a little more homework for you guys to do, compared to our usual Events.

Also, I will be away from Sunday 14th until Friday 19th April, so if you have any queries I may take a little time to get back to you.
Following this initial post is a reply containing a whole host of general information which I hope can help you. It's not a complete guide, more some pointers and suggestions to help with your visit smile

With my bookings currently TBC, for now all you need do is please let me know if you're interested in our FIRST ever EUROTRIP!

Simply post here or message me smile

I hope you can join us biggrin


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Saturday 13th April
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As mentioned, I'll be booking a Channel Tunnel Train to and from mainland Europe.
You can find full information, and book your train on the Eurotunnel Website HERE. As mentioned, I'll be posting back when I have booked my trains so you can hopefully book the same.

While my accommodation is currently "To Be Confirmed", I tend to stay within the village of Nürburg in a cheaper end, comfortable guesthouse.
Within Nürburg itself, as well as in the surrounding villages, there are numerous options to cater for all levels of luxury and budget. Google will of course help here, but a useful resource is THIS PAGE on the Nürburgring website.

There are few resturant options in and around Nürburg. These tend to offer tasty German food in superb portion sizes for a reasonable prices.
I can help arrange group dinner bookings nearer the time when there is an idea of numbers.
One place we shall endeavour to get us a booking is the famous Pistenklause restaurant - WEBSITE HERE. It is an Italian restaurant in Nürburg, but with a reputation for it's "steak on a hot stone" main course. It really has been wonderful every previous visit!


Touristenfahrten (TF):
Touristenfahrten, or TF as it's known, is the time for the public to get out on this famous circuit.
You can pay at the kiosk on site, get your ticket, scan it in at the barrier and off you go!
It's changed a little since I last attended a TF, but I understand you can now pay in advance and scan in at the barriers with your smartphone.
Cost is now around 30€ per lap. You can for multiple laps at once, but each lap, you are directed off the track and through the barriers to scan again.
There are some rules to which you must adhere while on circuit (it is Germany afterall wink)
I would please urge you to read up on them in advance, but suffice to say the main couple are to check your mirrors more regularly that you would in a road environment and overtaking is on the left, you signalling and pulling to the right side of the track.
Also, with all manor of vehicles eligable for the TF, you must be extremely careful with the traffic sharing your road space.
You can find a Full List of their Rules HERE. Scroll down for an English version.

Despite the TF sessions being officially a closed one-way public road, many UK policies specific exclude cover for the Nürburgring Nordschleife. There are options for cover, however I don't have any recommendations here as I have previously attended TFs without this additional cover.
Also, please check your UK policy covers you for European adventures.
It is also worth double-checking your insurer's European cover with Brexit looming. For example, my insurer has already requested I fill out an additional form, albeit at no extra cost.
I would also recommend you check your Breakdown Cover includes European assistance and recovery.

Car Rental:
If you don't fancy taking your own car on the circuit, there are a variety of car rental options in the area. Obviously these incur additional costs, but this option is usually fully insured and can include a couple of lap payments.
RSRNurburg, Apex Nürburg and Rent4Ring are three places which often get a mention, but Google is your friend here to see what suits you best. Please do read the small print, and watch those insurance excesses! This option will be best booked and paid for in advance of the trip driving

What To Take With You:
Please forgive me if all this is obvious, but I think it prudent to mention a few bits you will need with you.
All your relavent car documentation and passports are a given, however you will also need a warning triangle, hi-viz jacket and breathlyser kit in your car. These are the rules for driving through France. While I've personally never been stopped, Sod's Law dictates it'll happen in the group! Please don't risk getting caught out smile

Entertrainment & Track Viewing Options:
During Monday's trackday, there is plenty in and around Nürburg to see and do, most with an automotive leaning of course.
Nürburg itself is rather small, but it has it's own castle which definitely worth visiting. The nearby area of Meuspath is where many manufacters and race shops seem to be based so always worth a drive-through.
On the note of driving, it is certainly worth your time exploring the roads around Nürburg. We're in the Eifel mountain region of Germany, so you can expect some enjoyable country roads, quaint villages and gorgeous vistas!
Back in Nürburg you'll find the main complex that is the GP circuit with its automotive displays indoors and there's even an indoor go-kart track (although you will have to look up information on this as I never visited this).
If you wish to spectate the trackday, there are an incredible amount of view points, as you might expect from such a long circuit. These have varying degrees of ease for access, from walking great distances through the forest to simply parking up to watch the action a few paces from your car.
A Google search may help you more with this, but this map (while a tad difficult to initially figure out) points out some of the main viewing areas around the circuit: CLICK HERE For Map Link
I have also found this 2015 PH Thread pointing to a handful of spectating areas, too: PH LINK HERE
One viewing area is which the track passes through the small town of Adenau. The town itself is rather pretty and so well worth a visit smile

As previously mentioned, this isn't intended to be a complete guide, but I hope this helps you with some general information about what to expect.
If I, or one of you, think of anything else, I can add to this post smile



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I'm not in the EA region but am on that track day so maybe see you over on the monday!


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Which crossing time are you going to take on the way back? I work on the continent and travel home from work that Tuesday afternoon, would be cool to get in a convoy headed back to East Anglia! I usually catch the 16:50 crossing.


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Hoping to make this!