Bye SLK, Fleet Reduction

Bye SLK, Fleet Reduction



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Sunday 29th December 2019
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So those at the PH Christmas Meal found out I had done something a bit silly with my SLK , Early one morning I drove down a little road , water coming off field onto road, me drive into it, car stops.
At the Christmas meal I said Poss Write off, cross out the word Poss! Repair cost was over 60% value of car is its a write off and me down to 3 Cars, Not been a good car year, with the TVR and MG both having issues.

Mrs Muttleysnoop

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Monday 30th December 2019
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Sorry to read. Wishing you both and your remaining cars all the best for 2020.


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Tuesday 31st December 2019
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One less SLK frown
However, let's hope 2020 is better car year! smile