Hydro Dipping

Hydro Dipping



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Monday 2nd March
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I've bought myself some side skirts for the Z4 but 2 companies won't vinyl wrap them because the plastic they are made of are porous therefore can't guarantee how long the wrap will last.

So looks like hydro dipping is the only option. :-(

Any pointers to a decent company near Norwich?

I know of one in Acle & one in Snetterton.

Or......................... a bit left field has anyone wrapped stuff themselves? The skirts are about 150mm wide by 1400mm long and about 8mm thick.

Beer tokens available if someone wants to try?



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Tuesday 3rd March
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Depends how brave you are and what colour wrap you want but I have done some wrapping myself and I would say you may want to give it a go yourself. 150 mm isn't very wide, I bought 3M matt black off e-bay and after watching a couple of you tube videos gave it a go. You need a hairdrier to warm the wrap and be able to keep it clean. I have also done carbon fiber 3D wrap as its quite thick so it is easy to stretch and any imperfections don't really show.

Good luck if you do want to try it.