Taxis in Belfast - nice cars!

Taxis in Belfast - nice cars!



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Wednesday 19th July 2017
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Just returned from a long weekend in Belfast. Been a few times over the last five years or so. Each time I've noticed that many of the taxis are immaculate, nearly new, high end saloon cars such as a 5 Series, A6, E Class. This morning's transport to Belfast City Airport was a Mercedes S500! How is it possible for such expensive cars to be used as taxis when back in my native Yorkshire you're lucky to get anything more than a leggy Toyota Avensis? Are there some amazing lease deals in Northern Ireland?

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Saturday 22nd July 2017
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A crowd have the contract for the airport- very strict on how the cars are presented (age/cleanliness).

There's a few cab companies I could recommend if you come back that would give you a more authentic experience. By authentic I mean vile.