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Tuesday 24th August 2004
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The better half and me are planning on moving to the states. We have set a 3-year plan in order to save enough cash to buy a house and the girlfriend plans to purchase a nightclub. Does anyone have experience in this area?

Like I say it will be three years (hopefully) but all the advice I can get is good.

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Friday 27th August 2004
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Each State is different and has different laws with regard to clubs and alcohol.
In the County of the State in which I live new licences are auctioned by the greedy politicians, the number of new lic. are kept low which keeps the price up. About ten years ago the price was about $200,000
There were hotels opening round my way without licences!(No bar) Some States may be easy.

Most efficient way is to buy an existing bar or club with lic, checking that it does not have too many prior violations or complaints.

With regard to house prices, New York, parts of California, burbs of Washinton DC can be quite expensive, elsewhere you should get double the house for your buck than you would in UK.


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Saturday 28th August 2004
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I think your bigger battle is getting an investor Green Card. I'd find an immigration lawyer or contact the US Embassy to find out, that way you are not wasting your time or deluding yourselves.

Getting entry is very difficult.

Assume you do get entry then you are forced to choose where to live, what sort of club are you going to set up and who will it cater to.

Up North we have a 6 month winter. In Florida they have a lot of retirees. In Texas and California, English is the second language. Do you want to live in the middle of nowhere?

I think you need to do some serious research.


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Monday 30th August 2004
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Well we plan to set up in Florida and yes your right there are a lot of the retiring generation there but there is also a nice large youth population. We plan to have a club/restraunt. We have been to a few clubs in Florida and they all seemed busy enough and the managers say that they make good money in these areas.

We certainly have a lot to work at and lots of planning and research to do.