UK national needs GA state drivers license

UK national needs GA state drivers license



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Tuesday 17th September 2019
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Hi long time lurker here i have a question i would like to ask,hope someone may be able to help.

I am a UK national and visit Georgia on a fairly regular basis using the esta visa my gf is american and lives here i am now basically retired. I am able to come and go as i please whilst keeping to the rules of the esta. I am wanting to purchase myself a motorbike to be kept here at her house so i have something to bob about on and do a bit of touring now and again however i have run into a few issues

Buying the bike is easy insuring the bike is also easy whats not so easy is getting a tag for the bike without a GA drivers License. I have a full UK bike license and have used this to ride and drive various cars and bikes in the US for years but it seems its no good in this case. I am not trying to get residency or anything i just want to get the bike sorted and legal i was expecting this to be not too hard sadly i was wrong.

So the question is how do you get a tag without a GA drivers License or how do you get a GA license as a none resident UK national

Has anyone else been in this situation and has anyone got any advice
Thanks for any help anyone can offer


The Moose

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Saturday 21st September 2019
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I don’t know about GA, but in FL you just go to the DMV and do the tests. Doesn’t matter if you’re resident here or not. Suspect it’s the same in GA.

Alternatively have your partner title and register it?


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Thursday 24th October 2019
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I'm in PA and required 2 proofs of address to get a license, plus some visa documents too. PA is notoriously heavy on this stuff.

Looks like that runs through most of what you need. SSN is probably the hard part.

The bit about other licenses must be surrendered, I didn't have to do this but, in anticipation, one might wish to get a second UK license just in case they have to hand one in. Hypothetically, of course. I don't suggest anyone does this.


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Saturday 26th October 2019
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Unless I misread your post, can't your girlfriend register the bike seeing as she lives in Georgia?

Morris Minor

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Saturday 7th December 2019
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GA resident here. The driver's license is a de facto ID card in the USA. So you'll need to be a resident alien on a green card, and have a social security number.
Another vote here for getting the girlfriend to it on. If she can be persuaded. Failing that. Rent one.

The Moose

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Sunday 8th December 2019
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Morris Minor said:
you'll need to be a resident alien on a green card, and have a social security number.
Not nationwide


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Friday 20th December 2019
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I'm surprised if you are coming and going regularly on the visa waiver system that you are not being questioned. The waiver system is not intended to allow people to live here on a semi permanent basis.

Most states require two proofs of residence and a SS card if you have not previously had a license in that state.