TR6 in the South West

TR6 in the South West


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Sunday 2nd May
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Hi all. My last TVR has just sold so have money burning a hole in my pocket! One of the cars that has always been on my bucket list has been the TR6.

I’ve come close a couple of times, I remember even agreeing a price on a saffron yellow one at Classic Chrome in SW London back in the early ‘90s. 80k, one owner, original condition etc but I bought a Chimaera instead.

Anyway now might be the right time, my recent history has had cars that are possibly too quick with risk of getting into trouble. And commensurately high bills.

Thus before I disappear around the country chasing cars, is there anyone to me local that I could chat with for the pros and cons. Are they just too antique, too small, too slow etc. I enjoy working and lightly modding my cars so something like this could be a lot of fun.

I’m between Yeovil and Taunton for any generous owners, who fancy a chat (and beer). Thanks in advance.


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Sunday 2nd May
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Take a look at the buying guide on the TR6 forum do your homework. If you join up on the forum you will get someone in your part of the world who will be only to willing to help.

Cost wise prepare to pay £20k for a nice car with no Chassis issues £15k for a nice usable car that will need work. Check out the cars for sale in the Classifieds on the forum, there are some nice honest cars for 18k plus. Buy wrong and you will be in for real pain.

My car was ground up restoration, chassis body etc sandblasted zinc coated the whole works it looks great but not concourse but still 25k. UK cars with heritage certificate worth 20% more then US imports, I never looked at those as I wanted a PI car. Happy hunting