LT77 g/box

LT77 g/box



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Thursday 12th August
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Hi there, I have a Long distance Gravel Rally '78 TR7V8. It use to run a LT77 G/box. I have up grading to a 5 speed C/R dog box ( ALBINS ). I have 2 completely rebuilt ( by SHIFT WORX G/BOX'S Geelong) all new syncros ,bearings and seals. New mainshafts, upgrade oil pumps. LT77 g/box's. with no expense spared. Plus there is also a complete LT77 box in bits as spares. I want to sell them. Open to offers for the lot. NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE.


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Thursday 19th August
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Wrong place matey you need sales. You need to place an advert in the appropriate section