Rose joints?



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Thursday 12th August 2004
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What are rose joints and how do they work?

I have been lead to believe they replace ball joints in the suspension linkage. If so, what benefits do they give other ball joints?


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Thursday 12th August 2004
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Rose joints are a brand of rod end bearings aka spherical bearings. They are a way to allow a joint to pivot in two axes without the compliance of a bush.


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Sunday 15th August 2004
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A rose joint is often used to provide a degree of tautness whereas the rubber in the system may allow the vehicle to steer just by compliance in the bushes. It gives consitency.

The problem is that nowadays suspension systems are often equipped with voided bushes that provide passive steering (at the front and rear). Take this out and not only will the car be rock solid, but may seem to handle worse.


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Sunday 5th September 2004
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A picture of an expensive spherical rod end.