Wheel Size Changes - Expertise required

Wheel Size Changes - Expertise required



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Monday 24th May
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I'm not a wheel size and fitment expert and i've got an issue with a couple of buckled wheels on an Audi.

The car is a B8 A4 Avant Quattro

It also feels very under wheeled on the 17"s it currently runs, which are 17" snowflake wheels running a 245 45 17 tyre. The wheel size offset and width is ET45 8.5j i believe.

The centre Bore is 66.6.

I have been offered a set of Santiago 19" wheels. 66.6 CB. 8J ET 35 on a 235 35 19 tyre.I realise it won't be as smooth etc. and I know the offset will change how the wheel sits, bringing it further out from the hub. Which is fine. Personally, I can't see any issue them fitting. Its mainly the CB that i think would be an issue but as it matches i think they should fit fine BUT as i am no expert, is anyone able to offer clarification on anything i've missed. Comments etc.


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Monday 24th May
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Seems like they should fit okay and have very similar circumferences.