T-Cut for Metallic paint

T-Cut for Metallic paint



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Tuesday 15th June
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Hi there,

We just picked up a '19 plate Renault Trafic that we've had converted to a camper. It's in great condition, but in bright sunlight you can see those big circular 'scratches' or marks that - I think - come from using an old-fashioned car wash. I'd like to try and buff them out, but I'm not sure a: whether it's possible or b: what to actually use. I don't want to make it worse!

Anyone got any experience of this? The paint is a dark metallic blue.



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Tuesday 15th June
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You could try to polish them out with an abrasive polish like Meguiars Ultimate compound or 'fill' them in with something like AutoGlym Super Resin Polish.

To get the best out of a compound you need a DA polisher. AutoGlym SRP can be applied by hand but is only a temporary fix.


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Wednesday 16th June
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Bilt hamber cleanser polish is another good option for swirl filling and slight correction.
Similar to Autoglym Srp but better in my opinion.