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December long weekend in Aachen....

December long weekend in Aachen....



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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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Just a quickie (I hope) what are the rules on winter tyres etc for driving out there? Looking to go for a long weekend mid-december in Monschau and Aachen (TBH likely to park in Monschau for friday & Saturday only using the car again to return on the Sunday). Obviously I'd rather not fall foul of the road-regs and just thought I'd check....


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Friday 12th October 2012
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It's very likely that it will be snowy in Monschau around that time of year, after all it's in the south of the Eifel region. So, you and your car should be on Winter boots - not just because the regulations say so but because of your own safety. Also, don't expect to be able to park in the middle of Monschau as there will be the Christmas market during that time. Have fun, it's a lovely place when it's snowing.