ProE CAD Engineer needed

ProE CAD Engineer needed



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Friday 26th September 2008
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I'm looking for a CAD Engineer proficient with ProEngineer, for 3D Modelling and 2D detail drawings with geometric tolerancing, ideally familiar with the design and production of precision automotive parts such as castings, stampings, turned and milled parts etc. This role will involve assisting with the detail layout of an automotive electric hybrid SR motor. I'm looking for a minimum of 2 years experience using ProE.

The role is based in Laindon-Essex (not Ford related), the position will be permament, no contractors please, the salary will be very competitive and related to your experience levels, a shares package will also be included, please contact me on


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Thursday 14th January
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I've just started to mess about with tinkercad will I do
Tony G