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Buying a Mini as a first car - what to look out for

Buying a Mini as a first car - what to look out for



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Wednesday 12th September 2012
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Evening people,
I'm seriously considering getting a Mini Cooper as a first car as I've driven quite a few as friends own one as well as multiple blasts in the full blown JCW version, such great cars truly envious of those that own one - look great too.

So my question is to you forum users is what to look out for?
I've got up to £4000 to spend to I understand I'll be looking at early versions and it has to be a Mini Cooper not a One as I'd never live it down with friends if I had a 'mini one' haha

I have serious attraction to the Mini too as the 1.6 is awesome and has loads of poke with friends in the back, the clutch is light enough yet has feel and the 5 speed box is great

However I do understand its expensive to tax and insure, servicing is probably high too due to it being BMW underpinnings.

If any forum users could give me advice it's be hugely appreciated and a bag of *virtual* sweets to anyone that answers

Also if people could tell me the model year and model code of the cars that'd be helpful like E60 5 series or B5 Audi

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Saturday 15th September 2012
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Have a look at the honestjohn website in the car by car guide.


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Wednesday 26th September 2012
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I believe that the ONE or Cooper is R50, the cabriolet is R52 and the S is R53 (all previous generation).

I have a 2002 Cooper S and it's a great car. Thirsty for what it is and expensive to tax but on the whole well built, reliable and fun to own. As for what to look out for - the usual, service history, mechanical condition etc.

Can you not stretch to an S?I assume insurance is a killer - otherwise the S is far quicker, and apparently more economical on longer trips (due to 6 speed box) than the Cooper, although thirstier around town.