Issues with Dutch mechanics and dealers

Issues with Dutch mechanics and dealers



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Friday 5th May 2017
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Hi all,

I am in the Netherlands for nearly two years now and unfortunately I run into some issues twice. I am quite crossed by how long it takes to sort out these issues over here, plus one of the mechanics even threatened me and my lawyer and doesn't even want to know about making up for it.

Once I agreed with a reputable garage to service my Honda VFR with a VTEC engine to check and adjust the valves (a complicated matter on these engines) and they simply did not do so. I suspected that immediately because they did not want to supply an invoice of the service to me, the total bill was well over 700 Euros and I was forced to get an expert report to confirm that not only nothing was done, but the valves are so severely out of adjustment that if I ride my bike again it could cause damage to the engine. That basically means I have to go to another garage and have it fixed!

After a lot of back and forth for over a year now involving even lawyers here I am being told by them that I have to give the bike back to them to fix it. My argument is that I lost my trust in that mechanic and I can't know if he really did it this time unless I hire an expert again to check it out - which will be as expensive as going to another garage anyway. On top of that I am told that I can't claim for any other losses e.g. I want to ride to work in Amsterdam but now have to either pay 30 Euros per day in parking or fork out on train tickets.

The other issue I have is related to my car. I bought a bigger, used car due to our family growing and paid 16grand for it. Unfortunately it took four months for the car do be delivered and when it was ready for collection, it wasn't like it was when I test drove it. The rims were originally alloys but now they are rusty steel rims, the tyres are not the same size, the wheels are not balanced, the front shocks were not bolted in (yes, you read that right), the brakes are mushy and the ABS light comes on all the time, the auto transmission is slipping and the car just can't go anywhere at times. All for the price of 16thousand Euros cash on the barrel....

I am trying to get the dealer to give me my old car back or to fix the issues since I got the car over a month ago and I am really not willing to wait over a year for a fix this time. I suggested that I have the issues fixed at another garage and he pays for it but he said that he wants to fix it. We agreed on my car being picked up this Monday but that did not happen, the dealer simply did not show up...

I am really speechless by how much these two businesses I have issues with make me feel as if they were doing me a favour despite me paying good money to both of them. On top of that I feel as if the sluggishness in getting anything sorted and even my basic rights is turning into a pattern here. Does anyone have any suggestions about my rights as a customer of contracted repair services and a car buyer? Is that lawyer that tells me I have to go back to the same mechanic right or just lazy? Any other suggestions about what I can do here? I am at the end of my powers....