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Great Dane

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Tuesday 11th August 2020
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I'm gobsmacked that the Guardian, of all papers!, was so positive about it. Well done them and that reporter

Flying Phil

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Tuesday 11th August 2020
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A huge "WELL DONE" to all involved!
I have many happy memories of racing at Melbourne in the late 70's, 80's and early 90's.


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Wednesday 12th August 2020
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What Trevor, the straightliners team, racers and fans alike have achieved in such a short time is phenomenal.

The weekend was a huge success. You would not have known it was restricted to just 100 racers and 500 spectators each day.

There were only a few minor issues such as not enough rubbish bins distributed but it was the first event and these things will be addressed.
All profits from the events at Melbourne go back into investment along with continued fundraising. The grandstands will have new seating next and the pit areas and return road should be much improved.
In short its just going to get better every meeting. Hopefully enough money will be raised to lay the extra run off tarmac to allow full 1/4 mile racing in 2021.

Support the track and join the community and get involved in whatever way you can.


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Thursday 13th August 2020
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Well done to everyone involved!