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Anybody know this S2000? FG52 BGX

Anybody know this S2000? FG52 BGX



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Wednesday 12th September 2012
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Currently for sale in Tiptree, Colchester via ebay and Autotrader.


There's no service handbook and no service receipts either, although the dealer has a printout logging a majority of the service record/dates to confirm the dealerships have actually serviced the car. All MOTS are present.

What are people's thoughts on lack of service records for the S2000? The general rule of thumb ive worked to is more evidence of history the better, although I have owned a few TVRs and Alfas so that speaks for itself, but this is the first time ive considered something reliable/bulletproof...

Any thoughts welcome and if you actually know the car....


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Wednesday 12th September 2012
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I would avoid anything without a documented history. I looked at 10 cars and only the one I bought had a complete documented service history, it would put me off as a buyer, you could find it hard to sell when the time comes.

Car seems far too expensive. I bought a 2005 with 38k miles for £8k, granted no hardtop (didn't want it anyway) and thankfully no red interior smilesmile

Good luck, sadly it's not easy to find a good one, but take your time and one will come up.