Mountain passes tour?

Mountain passes tour?



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Sunday 11th March 2018
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Hi all,

anyone interested in planning a tour to the Swiss alps? If there is some interest, I would be happy to set up a doodle.

Another question, I regularly miss postings to this forum as it is so low frequency. Did anyone figure out how I can receive notifications when there is a new posting?

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Sunday 18th March 2018
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Hi Daniel

Maybe though I'm now stuck at the end of the world (aka the Engadin) so it will all depend. I'm presuming that given the amount of white stuff we've had this winter it might have to be July onwards (we had about 50cm fresh yesterday and it's snowing now).

I'm now in a boring BMW estate (albeit with a noisy crackling exhaust) but always up for a day with like minded folks.



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Tuesday 3rd April 2018
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Im from CH what route are you planning ?