Following on from the Good fun today thread Kinky thought it might be useful to start a "Wiki" that shows everyone who is interested in having a '5' meet somewhere - and help find a suitable centralish meeting location that suits everyone.

We've created a Google Maps group - so we can all see where we are in relation to each other. Apologies if your location is not exact .... we can only base it on what you added below .....

Looking at the map to date - the majority seem to be up the M1/M40 corridoor from London to Birmingham!

Click here for the Google Map

This will be updated as people add themselves to the group.

TTommy Buckinghamshire 1-2 hours Yes
Tenfourman Ruislip 2 hours Yes
alanbrock5 Bristol 1 hour yes Happy to help with organising meet
The Geographer Bristol 1 hour yes
DennisWise9 Fareham/Portsmouth 1 Hour max yes
pmanson Leighton Buzzard Not fussed yes
madmover Worcestershire really dont mind, always up for a drive assuming im not tied down with work commitments, feel free to send me a pm anytime! yes
Kinky Ascot 2 hour drive tops yes
Howard- Near Woking, Surrey 2 hour drive tops yes if I can?
jazzybee Nr Rickmansworth 1 hour or so away. Silverstone? Yes but, depends on how much work I've got on at the time
Ali_kat Kenilworth 2 hour drive tops yes
Batfink79 Coleshill (Nr Kenilworth 2 hour drive tops yes
Fr3n2y Bournemouth Not too fussed yes
Dan1981 Sheffield 2 hours yes
Snotrag Yorkshire 2 hours ish, (Midlands, then) Always
Ciderminx Coventry/Daventry pretty much anywhere is considered Yes
NiceCupOfTea SE London/NW Kent Within 2 hours Yes, but dependant on commitments
Rackattack Watford, Herts 2 hours would be o.k. yes
Lazza Wokingham, Berks 2 hours would be o.k. yes
miniman Chippenham, Wilts 1-2 hours would be o.k. yes
DennisTheMenace Beaminster/West Dorset 2 Hours max yes
matt uk Tunbridge Wells, Kent - near enough to Brands Hatch evil 1-2 Hours new projects mean probably not I'm afraid
kevham Central Scotland 5 Hours (maybe more) 'fraid not
lord summerisle Manchester 1-2 Hours possibly
Doctor Bone Winchester or Aylesbury 1-2 Hours possibly!
StressedDave Cambridgeshire 1-2 Hours probably not
smiller Shropshire 1-2 Hours Doubtful
Anna_S Kidderminster/Sheffield 1-2 Hours possibly
The Black Duke Aberdare 2-3 Hours yes
Digsy Liverpool 1-2 Hours No time!
Snoggledog High Wycombe 2-3 Hours Probably not
GravelBen Southland, New Zealand Hmmmm Added myself as a joke
bluetone Colerne, Wiltshire 1-2 Hours yes Silverstone looks central smile
Firefox1 Bletchley 1-2 Hours :sorry no: Northants/Oxfordshiresmile
MattjK Stoke-on-Trent 2hrs max yes
Micro Mitch Harlow 2-3 Hours :Possibly:
M Powered Leamington Spa 1-2 Hours :Unlikely in the short term:
The Moose Slough Up to 2 Hours Yeah, can do
UncleDave Sheffield Aye you can count me in..
car.chic Derbyshire Up to 2 hours Indeedy-dah yes
Quick silver Flintshire, N.Wales 2 or 3 Hours Can & will
jeeves_101 Brent Knoll, near weston-super-mare upto 2 hours If it helps out yeah. smile
BCA Birmingham 1 Hour ideally Probably
e11nos SW London 2 Hours ideally If needs be!
nakedninja Liverpool 1-2 Hours Not really!
pbirkett Newcastle Upon Tyne Approx 1 Hour Absolutely, yes!
J-Tuner Hemel Hempstead 1-2 Hours Locally, sure! NOTE: WiM is on my doorstep. Good place for a meet and some chassis adjustments biggrin
T S Magnum Whitley Bay Open to suggestions Yep.
Oxygen2k10 Solihull/Birmingham Few hours If I can
Legend83 Harpenden, HERTS Approx 1 Hour Sadly not
tuttle Swindon, Wilts Approx 2 Hours If I can
NeoVR Manchester 2-3 Hours If I can
_Batty_ Bath not worried if camping If I can
Planet Claire Sandhurst 2-3 Hours If I can
thewildblue Nr Hitchin 2 Hours tops If I can
inman999 Reading 2 Hours ish possibly
ROBICON5 Worksop 1-2Hours No idea, I just corrected it below!
maser_spyder Cheltenham No pref. Silverstone would be cool. Sure thing
Don Phil West Yorkshire 2 Hours ish possibly (though pretty rubbish with directions & maps!)
lexi lindsay Norwich silverstone would be cool if i can
chopper 602 Middlesbrough 2-3 hours yes
Farmboy UK Bath 2 hours yes
Acquah Nottingham 1-2 hours (or London/S.E.) yes If required
Piefacemate Manchester 2 hours yes If required
Tomoose85 Northampton 2 hours Unlikely due to other committments frown
Mark-2 Bordon, Hampshire 2-3 hours If there's anything I can do, yes! biggrin
TryingHard Bath 1-2 hours yes
mk1salami Fife, Scotland 1-2 hours Sure.
CaptainSlow South Bucks 1-2 hours yes
SandwichUK SW London 2 hours yes
Spotter one Bedfordshire 2 hours if possible yes
Dodd90 Tetbury, Gloucester 2 hours if possible yes
Jonny671 Guildford, Surrey 2 hours yes
Tommy Winchester Sheffield 2 hours yes
Pints Swindon, Wilts 1 hour if possible
Slinky1989 Swindon, Wilts 1 - 2 hrs yes
MonkeyArmDealer Guildford, Surrey try me yes
Skinny Reading 1-2 hours maybe...
Rotary Madness Harrogate 1-3 hours err bad idea
markdixon206 Deal, Kent 1-3 hours yes
Westblue Pendeen, Cornwall 4-5 hours yes
mrciarano Newcastle 1-2 hours, anywhere if off the leash yes
belladonna Southampton 1-2 hours yes
stevyc888 Tyrone, N. Ireland 1-2 hours If i can..
garrykiller southampton 1 hour maybe
Riknos Reading 1 hour yes
MzSunshine Reading 2 hours yes
Metalligator Steeple Claydon 2 hours yes
Mozmajor Blackpool 2 hours If I can
Migsy Nr Bedford 2 hours If I can
Sam6sic6 Nuneaton 2 hours silverstone? possibly
Aizle Luton 1-2 hours each way yes
gobbo Sheffield 1 - 2 hours yes
Nash_wrx Maidenhead 1 - 2 hours yes
St. Anger North Ayrshire, Scotland Depends on the weather! thumbup
feef St Neots 2 hrs maybe
piefacemate Manchester 1 hour yes
GBB Milton Keynes/Northampton 1 hour yes
akaRob Glasgow 1 hour If I can
Dazza1968 Herts/Essex 2 hours If I can
TrivsTom Ipswich, Suffolk 2 hours Possibly!
paraicj Birmingham 1 and a bit! If you're short-handed
mattk89 London 2 hours If required
charlie0 Yeovil 1 hour If required
Wardy5 South Manchester 1-2 Hours If I can
Rumpelkillskins Farnham 2 hrs thumbup
MikeDrop Blackwood, South Wales 2/3 hrs thumbup
ruisobreiros harrow, London 2 hrs thumbup
[member ]tonymor[/member] Guildford Surrey ? hrs ?