This is running in the BB for spares kicking around in the garages. Seeing as there is a huge following for the 5 on PH I thought it would be ideal here.

As this page doesn't seem to have been kept very fresh I suggest starting some new tables and Archiving the old ones as per below. Please fil out the new tables if you have active offers or Wants. smile


Offerer Item Interested Parties

Member Name EXAMPLE............Awesome MX5 parts...............................................


Wanterer Item Interested Parties
Member Name EXAMPLE.........After some awesome MX5 Parts....................................

I'm looking for a mk1 drivers seat in good condition

OLD OLD OLD Offers Archive

Offerer Item Interested Parties
[-]raver100 mk1 lsd 1.6 up To 1993 fully working.
[-]CinnamonFan 4x new Goodyear Efficient Grip Tyres. 185/60R14 82H. MX5.
tr7v8 Pair of H4 Halogen conversions used but working, also set of early Mk2 15" Alloys with tyres, plenty of tread but Chinese jobs, not too bad though
UnluckyTimmeh Eunos Mk1 Soft top complete with frame in VGC, removed as won't fit over roll cage. Can supply pics/more details if required
UnluckyTimmeh Eunos Mk1 original BBS wheels with centre caps, could do with a powdercoat/refurb. Tyres near legal limit. Can supply pics/more details if required[/-] pti[/-]
Lady Summerisle UK spec MX5 Mk1, N-reg, BRG, Spares or repairs. Has 11 months MOT but is in poor condition not running due to seized alternator, can supply pics/ details on request. £350 ono
St. Anger Breaking a whole MX5. Mk1, H-reg, Classic red. Almost everything available
St. Anger 14" Early Mk2 MX5 wheels. 2 with legal tyres and 2 with excellent nearly new ones. Looking for £80 ono from a PH'er, would prefer collection but happy to arrange a courier at buyers expense.
towelie mk2 red top injectors
captainsmelly Set of 15' alloy wheels, with tyres. Wheels want refurb, 1 good t1r, one heavily kerbed t1r and 2 near illegal budgets. Good for drift or winter tyres swap. Complete with nuts. £50
burriana 1993 MX5 - runs fine but fuel tank has a leak that needs welding and body has quite a few "mother-in-law" dings. Silver. Spares or repair as about to run out of MOT
Vidal Baboon MKII 5 spoke 5" alloys (rough cast) with tyres
Jonny671 Style Bar - Think it will fit MK1 & MK2 PM For Pics Vidal Baboon PM Sent
71NotOut Chrome style bar fitted with OEM Mk2 windbreak in tan - PM for pics Sold
thewildblue Mk2 Set of Bilsteins off my RS, including springs but no top mounts,car had done 78k on removal
Raffles Two good 14" Mk1 wheels with tyres like these but with center caps
Jammiedodger26 Boot luggage rack - wood and chrome garrykiller
Xenocide Charcoal canister - MK1 Eunos
Xenocide Excellent condition OEM spec exhaust (catback) - MK1 Eunos
Xenocide MK1 1.6 brake disks + caliper carriers - some life left (think i have pads too)
Night Runner Mk 1 Hard Top in racing green joodles
garrykiller set of 4 15" Dezent alloys slight curbing but been painted over with aluminum paint
garrykiller Leather soft top cover for mk2/2.5
madmover Mk2 1.8 LSD in good condition £1095
Mallone Mk1 1.8 Cam cover gasket. Bought in error. Cost £17 originally. Anyone fancy it for £10?
Craikeybaby Genuine carbon fibre sunvisor blanking plates for Mk1 - £10
Craikeybaby Mk1 passenger side indicator/sidelight unit - £10
Boydie88 VX220 Biscuit seats (apparently fit an MX5?!) £200 Hertfordshire sold to DRGoatboy
NiceCupOfTea Mk.2 Wind Deflector (fits Mk.1)
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 Tonneau/Roof Cover (black)
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 Plastic rear screen protector
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 Boot tool tidy
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 Driver's seat runners
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 1.6 airbox & filter
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1/2/2.5 twin gauge faceplate
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 Driver's door seal
NiceCupOfTea Mk.1 sealed beam headlamp x1!
NiceCupOfTea Stack of Hard Top Soft Top MX5OC mags from mid '00s

OLD OLD OLD Wants Archive

Wanterer Item Interested Parties
TTommy After a Mk1 1.8 ally rad (new), GV lip, Black hardtop, any wheels 15x7 ET20, Hoses. Cash waiting cheers.
craftythejoe Mk1 full loom, 1994 or 1995 1.8 litre. It's for a kit car, i've got cash but finding it really hard to find one!
lazygraduate K&N Typhoon/similar-anyone got spares? For 99 1.6
amccan10 steering wheel inc air bag for MK2.5
garrykiller Boot luggage rack chrome or wood
CocoPops Aftermarket Exhaust System for MK3 2.0 (Milltek or similar)
J-Tuner Silver Front Mudguards To Fit 1997 Mk1
J-Tuner Cat-back (47mmm Cat) performance exhaust for 1997 Mk1
Vidal Baboon Various chrome interior trim & trim under the stereo for a Mk1 I have some MrFlibbles
71NotOut Lowering springs (eibach preferred) for Mk2.5 running standard shox
youngsyr Mk 2 (1999-2000) OEM glove box and armrest cover in black, must be v. good condition
youngsyr Mk 2 or 2.5 OEM 6 speed gear stick shaft
Jonny671 Set of 15" wheels. Not bothered about condition or tyres (195/50/15 must fit). Less than £50.
garrykiller brilliant black hard top for a mk1.
seany87 Nearside door card for mk 2.5 in black( my euphonic door card has been damaged where someone closed the door on the seatbelt)
madmover aftermarket exhaust mk2.5
madmover Alloys - open on the style 15 or 16 inch
madmover Seats that fit MK2.5 (non standard)
madmover aftermarket steering wheel
St. Anger o/s full electric window assembly, n/s not urgently needed but might consider buy a pair
H6CJF Full set of standard shocks for a Mk1 would be very useful if anyone has some? (07/11/2011)
St. Anger Black 15inch alloys for a Mk1 - not too bothered about tyres, <£100
joodles British Racing Green Hard Top for Mk1 Eunos if anyone knows of one?
Trackside Junior Near side (passenger) and offside (drivers side) MX-5 wing mirror in any colour, but preferably classic black so that I don't have to paint them, and also a nearside (passenger) wing mirror in grey, drivers leather seat in black (the one that's in the Jasper Conran). (25/03/2012)
mneame I need a replacement engine. 1.6 or 1.8. Long nose crank version if 1.6. Thanks Matt. (17/04/2012)
carmadgaz Looking for a set of 4 clear side reflectors
GBB Set of 14" or 15" wheels. Not bothered about condition or tyres as for track use. Less than £50.
CrispyMK OEM Air box for 1990 1.6 Eunos.
japzap Aftermarket exhaust(full system preferably). 4 branch racing manifold. Mk2.5 2001 1.6 16v.
CaptainSlow Black leather seats from a Mk2.5
Mavic82 2009 onwards 17" wheels, colour not important, must be true but refurb not an issue
Jonesy9 BBS, or similar wheels. Dual tip exhaust for mk2.5, amongst other things
craftythejoe Mk1 full loom, 1994 or 1995, for a kit car, got cash!
alexnessie MK1 hardtop, as cheap as possible! Condition of paint not important, just want something for the winter! Got one! Thanks Steph C
battered MK2 1.8 airbox reqd, standard. Need all but the bottom part to replace a lashed-up conical "performance" part. Based in Leeds, ideally collect/cash