E class Bluetooth audio

E class Bluetooth audio



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Friday 13th May
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Just recently bought 2010 e class estate. very happy with the car, however only one problem which i have is to play music from phone.
i don`t see any aux socket, but i found MMI connection in the glove box compartment. So i bought bluetooth adapter which connects to MMI socket, it looks like its working, i can connect to phone.
Now going to infotainment system i have only choice to switch radio or cd. connected to engineer menu, but where is no option switch bluetooth audio. Is that means that i need software update from dealership? or there is another way?


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Saturday 14th May
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I have a 2010 E class as well. The way I have done it is a 64GB USB stick with an adapter in to the MMI port in the glove box. Stick needs to be formated as FAT 32. 2 of those and I swap them over every couple of months to change the selection.


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Saturday 14th May
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My 2014 E class has Bluetooth streaming as an option after repeated presses of the ‘disc’ button.
I recall that earlier E classes need to have Bluetooth streaming enabled and that on some cars this can be done via the ‘engineering menu’ . I can’t remember how to access that menu (it is a series of button presses) but the instructions are on YouTube.