GRDC any runners and riders in here?

GRDC any runners and riders in here?



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Saturday 15th April 2017
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Had a chat with a chap today about this and it seems an interesting option for a novice racer.

I've done trackdays for a good few years now and I think I'm ready for a bigger challenge. I've looked at other series before and the Ginetta offering seems really good especially with factory support and spares workout Having to lumber all That stuff around yourself.

Id be really interested to hear of any feedback from anyone that's been part of it and maybe gone onto other series after etc.


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Wednesday 26th April 2017
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You're best bet is to get down to the paddock on a race weekend and have a chat to the drivers.

The paddock is a friendly one. Rockingham this weekend has both the GRDC cars and the Protyre GT5 series (Slightly faster G40's), so thats a good place to start.


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Saturday 13th May 2017
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Hi there,

I noticed your question on the GRDC and as I am racing in the championship this year I thought I may be of use... smile

First thing first the car is brilliant. It may have some of the reliability issues of a small manufacturer but in all honesty any track toy car that is used hard on circuits will have the same problems. As a 'my first racing car' I cannot think of another car that is more suitable. It handles brilliantly, and rewards you so much for getting corners right. Yes it is down on power but what it can do in corners is enough to surprise most cars on track days, which is really fun. The car is however not a road car as they market it. I drove the car from Leeds to London when I picked it up and it was unbearable towards the end.

The package itself is very helpful to familiarise yourself with the racing world and because you are with other novices you do feel a lot more at ease. One word of warning - the standard has gone up considerably year after year which I guess is a testament to the series. There are a number of go karting champions involved and other drivers who have just tested every other week since they got the car. Generally the standard is very good for 'novices' - for example at Rockingham I would have made it on to the podium a year or two ago based on my performance this year finishing just outside the top 5 in both races. It does make you push a lot harder though and you learn a lot more from having tougher competition.

The championship prohibits the use of teams during the racing weekends on Sunday and Saturday because it is marketed as a novice championship allowing you the drive the car to the track, but in reality almost no one does. Ginetta's mechanics are there to check each car before each race to make sure it's in good shape and assist you with fueling, going through scrutineering and help fixing little issues. Expect to pay hefty premiums to Ginetta if you have an incident, need extra help to get gravel out your car or need extra parts. Also because it's labeled as a 'road car' the tyres do give out and it's a shame the cars can't be fitted with the GRDC+ track day tyre which are brilliant which would then make it non-road legal.

You can still use a team and I would 100% recommend using one as they can still support you outside Saturday and Sunday's race days (including Friday's test day) and on track days etc. I don't have space to store the car in London or a car that can drag a trailer or even a trailer so it makes life so much easier having someone store and look after the car. Also it means the car is always in good shape and the set up can be as suitable for me as it can be (Ginetta have very very strict rules on what you can adjust on the car - which personally I am not a fan of but those are the rules). Cost wise it is a little higher but you save by having to use Ginetta's assistance during the weekends when your team isn't allowed to touch the car.

In terms of getting you out on track in a car which you can learn the most from and support Formula 3 and British GT, I can't think of a better series. Yes the Caterham academy are cheaper and are a lot of fun but for me they don't have that ladder to progress into GT like cars. I had a look at Radicals too which are much much faster but they are more expensive, rely on aero and you don't get to learn the basics of driving an unassisted manual car like heel&toe.

I hope this helps