PH Store - Seriously?

PH Store - Seriously?



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Friday 18th October 2019
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So 3 days ago i place an order. Got a text message shortly afterwards from Canada thanking me for my money and that i'd get another message some time in the future when someone gets around to looking at my order.

I don't think i've bought a single item online in the last few years where the order process goues silent for 3 days!

Will my order arrive for Christmas?

What's happening? Reason i ask is the item i bought is a gift and it would be good to know in advance when it's likely to arrive.


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Friday 18th October 2019
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Best thing to do is to contact the store directly if you're concerned as it's run by a third party, but most orders normally arrive within a week.

Delivery times available here:

Contact form here: