Hormann Garage Doors & Homelink

Hormann Garage Doors & Homelink



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Thursday 24th November 2016
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I've spoken to a couple of people from local garage door suppliers recently regarding a new sectional door for my garage.

The first guy mainly installs Hormann and said all the expected things (I'd done my research prior to meeting) apart from one thing that surprised me. He was adamant that the latest Horman Supramatic operators are incompatible with Homelink as they use a rolling code system (i'm pretty sure this wireless security feature has been around since the 80's at least).

I have the Homelink system on my Volvo so this would be a tad disappointing. I've tried googling but I can't see any other websites or forum posts that point to this being the case. He's been trading under the same Company for nearly 30 years and has a very good reputation locally so I have no reason to doubt him but I was quite shocked at this and surprised not to see more of an issue on-line if it were true. He did use it as a plus point stating that the system was more secure than most other wireless openers for this reason.

The Volvo Homelink version is HL5 according to the Volvo website and after checking the Hormann compatibility list on the Homelink website it does show several transmitters not compatible with HL5 but I can't see the transmitter code that the Hormann catalogue states is included with the Supramatic (HS 5 BS)?

Has anyone got any experience or evidence of this?

The second chap recommended a Carteck sectional door and stated no issues with linking to Homelink. Both makes of doors appear good quality so just trying to weigh up the pro's & con's as I was not expecting to be ordering a door other than Hormann due to their excellent reputation.


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Friday 25th November 2016
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Who did you have round to speak to you about Hormann? Reason I ask is that for many years I fitted Hormann doors in East Yorks for a fellow Ph'er. They do use a rolling code but that shouldn't stop you being able to pair with it. Another way round it is to find a receiver that does pair with your car that gives an output signal (many on the market). The Hormann motors for both gates and doors have the option of having a doorbell style push button input,wire the external home link compatible receiver in to that and away you go. I went down this route to get a fingerprint scanner to work on an old school rolling code door motor at my previous house. Easy job and you can either stick the external on top of the door motor or further away on a cable for better range if you had a long driveway for instance. This procedure works with other manufacturers too,but Hormann do make nice stuff,as do Novoferm. I would avoid Cartek,they are ste.

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Tuesday 9th January 2018
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Oldish topic but the only reference I could find to Hormann (pronounced Herman it turns out) and Homelink on PH so thought I'd post my findings - hope it helps someone. I have a Supramatic Hormann door motor and I can confirm that Homelink will not work with these units alone. If you have the shiny black remotes for your Hormann motor then these are bi-secur and Homelink wont work with them because they use 128bit encrypted communication. Hormann say that Homelink isnt secure enough and that vendors can't all unify their technology as it is too much trouble. The only work around is to have a Homelink receiver wired in to the Hormann motor (C. 60 quid and mains powered from a separate socket to your motor). In the UK they suggested one sold by easygates (Liftmaster PR433-4). Hope this helps someone. Link to receiver here: http://www.easygates.co.uk/homelink.asp