Any experts on old Golfs in BCN area?

Any experts on old Golfs in BCN area?



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Wednesday 4th July 2018
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A buddy of mine from Martorell recently showed me his daily 'old beater', which turned out to be a very well preserved (at least cosmetically) G60 Mk2 Golf. Whilst the car looks nice and solid, it apparently has a habit of breaking down every few months, and during a short test drive I could feel badly adjusted idle RPM and smell an overly rich air-fuel mix.

Said buddy is unfortunately not a car guy, the Golf has just been passed down to him from a relative. He didn't understand the importance of maintenance in specialist garages, and his current generic mechanic sounds like an idiot. I'd like to bring the car to an expert who could take a proper test drive, get it up on a lift, and thoroughly assess the situation. Depending on the investment required, the owner would be interested in bringing the car back to good shape, or perhaps it's too far gone and then he'll need to look at scrapping options, in favour of something more reliable.

Question is: where do I find that expert?

My ability to help here is limited for language reasons, so I thought it might be a good idea to start by asking my fellow PH'ers. In parallel, I'll see if I can find any classic VW magazines that might have advertising for such businesses. Your recommendations, as well as any other ideas, are welcome.