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Legacy GTB



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Friday 6th January 2012
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I'm sort of torn between thinking this could be a viable option for transport whilst being reliable and good to drive day in day out. I have no idea why I want to save up for one, yet every time I see a picture, it just looks right.

On the other hand, there is a little part of me that says I may regret saving up for it and should just go for an MR2. I have a Primera already.

How good are these cars in real life and what are they like to live with?

Just general questions really as I'm in no position to purchase one any time soon but depending on information here, I never know, it may swing me.


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Friday 6th January 2012
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As an all-rounder they're practically unbeatable smile (well for my 'all-round' at least). Not quite as nimble as an Impreza but still massively capable with more space and a much nicer interior. Suspension is about the best balance of body control and bump absorption I've found for road car.

Mine averages around 26mpg in mixed use or 32 on an open road run, and has been pretty rock solid reliable for the 3 years I've had it - only fault was a MAP sensor which cut boost to 7psi until I replaced it with a second-hand part for $40.

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Saturday 7th January 2012
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Are there any new (09 on) Legacy spec B in the country?